IMG_0102It is SO nice to spend time with like-minded people and dream in the next phase of my life.  I put aside my normal routines, stepped on a plane to somewhere sunny and warm (this defintely helps the process) and settled in for 10 days of discovery.  I feel a bit like a bear waking up from a long winters nap and after dreaming in the next year, am ready to be a magnet and bring it on!  Lots of feedback on existing product, Transition line was a hit, and future product ideas.  I’ve changed the formula somewhat for the new Feminine & Masculine energy balance salves and am getting ready for much tincture making.  A new body scrub to erase negative emotion/trauma from cells will set the stage for an unparalled flow of regenerated energy.

Many moments of quiet naps and reflection were had to see where my dreams will fit with my everyday world.  Thanks to all those who attended this soul-searching week in Costa Rica and helped me with my journey.


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