yinyang1Our Feminine and Masculine energies are constantly changing balance, harmoniously for the most part.  They are connected, and if one becomes overpowering it will weaken the other. Sometimes in life, we may get disconnected from the balance of the two. We may find that a specific way of being (aggression at work, or passive in communication), suits our outlook/reality more than the other one, at which point, an imbalance in our Feminine (cooling) and Masculine (warming) natures becomes our day-to-day living.

What physical changes may occur in the body when imbalances occur?

When the Feminine is not cooling the Masculine:-
–uncontrolled aggression
— body hyperactivity
–insomnia, restlessness
–rapid pulse at rest
— adrenal fatigue
— all work, no rest/play

When the Masculine is not warming the Feminine:-
–no boundaries, able to be bullied
–body hypoactivity
–tiredness, fatigue
–low pulse rate
–weak voice and general invisibility
–lost zest for life

Both of these scenarios can lead to a distressed way of living.

Feminine & Masculine Balance Remedies
Female Energy Balance
Male Energy Balance

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