© Katalinks | Dreamstime.com - Woman Witch In Miracle Enchanted Forest Photo“In the line of work I do, I am often confronted with low-vibrating and sometimes harmful energies.  SilverOwl’s Protection salve creates a buffer so I do not feel those energies so intensely.  It gives me space to make decisions from a balanced place within the chaos.”

 The above testimonial from a Healing Practitioner, Jennifer Engracio, speaks to the way of life and being of those involved in attending to the needs of others. You could be a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Acupuncturist or even a Dentist or Doctor. All healing modalities create some sort of energy transfer because first and foremost a practitioner’s job is to present with open-hearted compassion. When we present ourselves to the world in this way, a buffer zone around our aura helps to maintain our energy balance. The more energy we have, the more we can give.

“I put the Protective salve on my heart chakra. Instantly felt a feeling of safeness around my heart. As it continued to work I felt like I was cocooned. Very grounding and nurturing.” M. Darago, Shamanic Practitioner.

How many of us have felt vulnerable and in need of support in our everyday lives or more importantly, during healing sessions? The source is not always ours alone– jealousy, disrespect or hatred from another person can also be the cause.


Protection, a new salve in SilverOwl’s Transition (the next evolutionary step) series will help to protect against harmful and negative energies.

I chose 8 ingredients for this salve that work in combination to create a total protective package against emotional turmoil or harmful/negative energies.

Angelica Root – protection, guardianship, deflects harmful energies
Rose Petals – calmness, protection, only lets in beauty
Nettle Leaf – shields like a thick bush, gives courage, protection
Garlic – ancient and extremely strong protector, forceful
Solomon’s Seal Root – drives away negative vibrations and assists in a protective space
St. John’s Wort – excellent herb for balancing energy, repels bad spirits
Wood Betony –promotes confidence and grounding
Black Pepper—used for banishing, courage and strength


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