That loving feeling —-finding JOY!

When you lay down to sleep at night, it doesn’t always mean it’s a done day.

night sky pic for loving feeling blogWhile I was tossing and turning the other night I decided to try focusing on my breath. A few ins and outs, focusing all my attention on my mind, breath and body – a bit like yoga. There I was – in an amazing-feeling place so full of awe, brightness and love. It took me by surprise actually because I don’t always feel like giving myself a hug. This is the NOW place.   It’s not concerned with anxiety, worry or what you need to put on your shopping list – it just is.! It’s not concerned if you beat yourself up earlier in the day or told yourself how stupid you were – it just is! In this place, you see your essence, a bright light full of beauty and awesomeness. I thought, ‘gee I can be awesome sometimes’ and let myself stay in that feeling for awhile to make sure it infused into all of my energy.

So……if you can catch your breath, watch it for a little while (sometimes takes practice) even if it means coming back to it a few times, you’ll notice the lightness of being that is the NOW place. That’s the loving feeling.

And….if you feel like starting your day from this place, try JOY – one of the Plant Medicine Shop’s newest designs.

One of many ‘JOY’ testimonials:

Vibrational Energy Medicine“The image I got was of a lighthouse.  The lighthouse felt like it was situated in the core of my body and the light was shining through my auric field through all the fog.”


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