Making Gardeners Glove Hand Cream

Natural Herbal Remedies, like mainstream remedies, come in many forms. Tinctures, glycerites, syrups, capsules, salves and creams are all ways in which plant medicine can be delivered.   When I (SilverOwl) set out to make a new remedy, I always have to decide what form it will take and it depends on what it’s for, how it will be used and has to have ease of use. Early this spring, the need to protect one’s hands while gardening was the impetus in designing a new cream that could sit nicely in a garden kit, smell nice and have a pleasing consistency.   It had to be a more solid cream than my usual soft & silky Diana Face & Body Cream and it had to be non-oily.   I had 4 attempts before I was satisfied but the result was a thick, smooth but non-oily, peppermint-smelling cream. I called it Gardener’s Glove because, for me, it worked like an inner glove – a clean, refreshing hand slipped into gardener’s gloves is a treat.

Gardeners GloveWhen making natural herbal remedies there are always questions attached to it and in the case of my Gardener’s Glove cream, it was:-
1) how much beeswax
2) how much coconut oil
3) how much aloe gel or distilled water
The first attempt was too runny, too much like a silky body cream and on the second and third attempt too thick. Finally on my fourth attempt, I was satisfied.
I used comfrey, calendula, chamomile and rosehips – all herbs that are healing and soothing to the skin. Extra virgin olive oil was used for the infusion with coconut oil and beeswax added to complete the oil portion. Aloe gel and distilled water were added for the water portion and essential oil of peppermint to finish

At the Plant Medicine Shop, this is how we made 11 4oz tins:-  Comfrey, calendula, chamomile & rosehips in 400ml extra virgin olive oil added to top of double boiler and at a very low simmer for approx. 30-45mins – don’t let herbs boil

  • When cool, strain herbs in another pot ( I had 290ml herbal infusion at this point) to collect the oils needed
  • Add 290gm coconut oil and 115gm of beeswax to oil pot and simmer until melted – let cool until it starts to become semi-solid and creamy
  • Using a food processor/blender, add 100ml aloe vera gel and 100ml distilled water
  • Turning the processor/blender on to high setting, add the cooled oils to the waters and keep the blades running until you feel a change in sound or see a change in consistency to the now-made cream. Check at this point because you don’t want it too thick or butter-like. The waters and oils should be fully integrated.
  • Add 1tsp of peppermint oil

Voila! Gardener’s Glove Hand Cream from The Plant Medicine Shop

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