sunflowersThe sunflowers have produced many flower heads this year and although they’re small they will serve the purpose of bringing confidence, leadership and the energy of the Sun to my Vibrational Medicines.  This is the first time that a plant used for medicine has been put in the garden knowing before it grew what it was needed for.  This is not an easy-growing garden.  It’s on a mountain with not much Sun and too many deer.  The wind and rain have beaten down the sunflowers so that now they’re bent to one side but still standing and looking beautiful and elegant.  Each day I would give the plant attention and love and let it know why I needed it.  The result was 16 flower heads!!

Communicating with the plant world is not a step by step process that you can write down.  For me, the best time is when I’m already in the midst of designing or making remedies.  At those times, ‘I’m in the zone’, so to speak.  I’m totally immersed in the process of looking for the herbs and making sure I have all the right equipment out.  My mind is quiet so I can ‘hear’ what’s going on.
It is elusive in that the ‘hearing’ can be a sense or a feeling and not always something that those around can participate in.  It’s not a voice in my head but a thought that kind of hangs there.  Learning to trust this communication is key.

When the Vibrational Medicine making is taking place and I’m getting the herbs ready I notice there are some that don’t want to be there or very insistent that they be included.  In fact, some are hard to find or pick up so I’m sure they can read my mind as I’m asking to read theirs and when I check in, I realize there energy is either no longer needed or another plant used for medicine will be better.

Most of the time, a connection is made in the spirit world. I search out the plant and ask if it wants to be in a certain formula and whether there is another plant that might work better. The plant world is very giving and I find that if I ask for a certain energetic quality, they give it.  Sometimes I’m shown the type of plant that will be needed for a formula as in my Pathfinder formula for Dreamcatcher. It was clear that the plants/herbs be of a vine-like or climbing nature.  In this way, the Plant World shows/tells me what is needed for medicine.

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