Energetic Plant Medicine for manifesting the Feminine Archetype

‘Awakening Woman’, is the newest Vibrational Remedy from the Plant Medicine Shop that embodies the essence of the Faminine Archetype.  This vibrational remedy was formulated to manifest the qualities of the Goddess, and allows for the highest potential of the Feminine Archetype to be felt. Today, it is with more and more frequency that women are looking for guidance towards finding strength in the old Wise Woman ways. These ways were focused on strength from a nurturing, compassionate and intuitive place. Spirit Plant Medicine combined with Earth-based healing, prayers and imagery was used to create a vibrational energy medicine that exhudes the Feminine Archetype

Feminine ArchetypeIn consultation with various wise women, we prepared a list of qualities felt to be essential in bringing the understanding of the Feminine Archetype into daily lives and used this list as the guidelines for creating this product. Our consulters were not disappointed and testimonials used to describe the subtle energies of this Energy Medicine came pouring in.

When a Wise Woman says “Tingling sensation like a Goddess reception”, you know you’re on the right track.

Part of the energy and strength of this product is around birthing new ideas which is exactly what we do here at The Plant Medicine Shop. The healing potential of this Energy Medicine has created great enthusiasm for its success.

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