Natural Herbal Remedies — Plant Medicine Applications

Natural Herbal Remedies (plant medicine applications) have been used for thousands of years with certain herbs/plants used for specific areas within the body, as Chamomile is specific to the stomach and Hawthorn is specific to the heart. Herbs play a big role in keeping our physical bodies healthy and fit but taking this one step further in using the energetics of a herb/plant, they can also play a big role in creating vitality in our whole body system. Using the energetics of the plants, you can create powerful remedies for the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and life force aspect of ourselves.

At the Plant Medicine Shop, we believe that the time has come to pay more attention to everything that we are, not just the physical body. Most people who look to Natural Herbal Remedies for health issues, don’t always realize that the herbs or plants, can work their magic on our whole body system. The Plants are givers of energy and are so ready to share their medicine in a myriad of ways.

Plant Medicine ApplicationsOur Chakra Balancing Kit, is one of many products at The Plant Medicine Shop that address the need to take care of our energetic selves. It’s a beautiful story – using the energetics of the plants, we can heal and transform the energetics of our whole body. We are dedicated to this approach having found great success in the healing aspect of co-creating vibrational remedies with the Plant World.

We know the beauty and power of our work will stand the test of time in this era of ‘searching’, ‘looking’, for Natural Herbal Remedies that will extend our knowledge of how the plants work with us in healing. Having most of the product lines formulated as salves, the focus of touch is added to this healing sphere. The application process then is using touch to feel the energy of the plants and producing a whole new healing paradigm. As we as humans, climb the evolutionary ladder, The Plant Medicine Shop produces evolutionary vibrational remedies for Chakra Balancing and the Human energy system.

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