Manifesting vs creating Abundance

Creating Abundance as an energetic medicine came about because someone asked me to make it – which is how it is most of the time these days. I find new and past clients and colleagues are very helpful in giving me inspiration as to what is needed next from a healing perspective. So it was, when a colleague asked me to make a remedy for Abundance, I put my mind to the task, with the help of the Plant World, of course.

Creating AbundanceIt took a while for me to get my head around how it would be formulated and how the energies would be different from my Manifestation remedy, a vibrational energy medicine in The Plant Medicine Shops Chakra Balancing series.  Both my colleague and I agreed that the art of manifesting and the feelings of abundance are two different energies of Vibrational Medicine. The Manifestation remedy clears energy blockages – an imbalance of the 9th Chakra—and allows the art of actively ‘doing’ to take place in order to manifest. Abundance, meanwhile, is the art of ‘feeling’ that you have everything you need.

It can be summed up this way, I think:

Manifesting is the art of engaging with the world to make things happen while abundance is the art of engaging with yourself to know that you have everything you need.

As I was gathering the herbs, I realized that this  vibrational energy medicine, wanted to be a spray. So I gathered the herbs and added to boiling water to start the process.

Ingredient list,why I chose them and other info here:





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