The Chakra Balance, Emotions & Digestive Health

As our planet navigates through the 5th dimension (2012), the focus on the body in the statement ‘mind, body, spirit’ is more important than ever. The need to keep our bodies healthy & well will drive our commitment to the honing of mind & spirit.

Good Nutrition goes hand in hand with a well balanced ‘energetic body’ in that all of our selves, (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual & life force energies) are influenced by what we eat, and more importantly, how we absorb our food. Our physical body is satisfied when we feed ourselves fresh vibrant food but our emotional & mental selves need to be satisfied/balanced so that digestion/absorption takes place. Digestion has long been known to be a casualty of stress or illness, but it also affects us the other way around – our irritated gut can also affect our moods.

The basis for a well-balanced Energetic Body is three-fold: good food, good digestion, positive outlook on life. I say positive outlook on life, because that is our perception and what we perceive we bring back to us. Our energetic bodies are like mirrors; bringing back to us what we put out, and that is what I’ll be focusing on here.

A well-balanced body is a fine-tuned chakra system – all of our chakra system wheels spinning with the same velocity and in the right direction.

What is a chakra, and why should you care about them?

Chakras are centres of whirling energy located strategically throughout your body, along the spine. This may sound abstract, but like emotions, chakras can’t be physically touched or examined. In the same way that a sudden fright can leave your heart pounding and adrenaline surging, chakras can have a definite effect on your wellbeing.

The concept of chakras dates back over 4,000 years to India (chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit), but they have contemporary scientific counterparts that roughly correspond to their place in the body; each of us has a system of glands (pituitary, thyroid, etc) that makes up our endocrine system. Each of these glands secretes hormones that affect our well-being. Each energy centre (chakra) is linked with a specific gland.

It’s essential that both the chakras and the endocrine systems be in a state of balance. If not, we suffer from a variety of ailments. The adrenals, for instance, are responsible for the creation of adrenaline; imbalance can manifest itself as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, asthma, indigestion and anxiety.

Similarly, if our chakras are blocked or weak, the energy flow is disrupted or halted, and it is then that the feelings of disease becomes apparent as our organs and glands are deprived of this renewing energy.

Chakras become blocked or weak from unresolved issues or disease, such as fear, anxiety, anger, negative thoughts and illness. Symptoms might include fatigue, high or low blood sugar, insomnia, thyroid issues, digestive issues, a continual state of ill health and hormonal imbalances.

Clearing and balancing the chakras will aid greatly in lowering our levels of stress, thereby allowing the body to take in nutritious food and absorb its benefits. In this way, energetic healing and good nutrition go hand in hand.