Medicine Wheel Garden

Dreaming of a Medicine Wheel Garden


I’m sitting on the log steps in our garden.  I’m sitting here because it’s still nice and cool and I have about half an hour before the sun hits.  There is no grass in our mountain garden and so my feet are resting on earth on top of a wooden log.  I feel very spiritual sitting here with Mother Earth underfoot, trees very close and a view of the very still waters (today, at any rate) of Kootenay Lake.  It is not hard to be relaxed and quiet in this place, both in mind and the breath.  So easy to be inspired by the Plant World sitting amongst this much green.  I’m dreaming of a medicine wheel garden and wondering if it’s possible on this hillside garden.  ‘Anything is possible’ I hear.  Um, yes but it might take some woman power to move the big rocks.

DreamcatcherOver the last few days, I’ve walked up and down, and from one end to the other to search for the best place.  This project will take a while as it is now late Spring in my neck of the woods, and some herbs will need to be planted this Fall.  I do not have the garden to myself.  My husband, the other gardener, has taken over and built up quite a bit of the land and since our needs are different, we work with and around one another.

I have a Medicine Wheel protecting my house which could also be a place for the plants but since 3 directional rocks are on a steep rocky area, I think that’s a miss.   I thank the Plant World for their beauty knowing that they will continue to inspire me and step down one by one around the corner, down the path onto the patio.

There in the middle of our patio is my Owl, made of rocks; the protector and guardian of our space.   As I look around I see areas still awaiting plants and of course, here it is, my Medicine Wheel garden, right in front of my eyes.   Below is the planning stage of the garden using some of the plants I use in my healing potions.


Aura Power

Aura Power

When I think of the Aura (Human Energy Field), I visualize an area surrounding the physical body roughly an arm’s length all the way around.  Unless you’re really in tune with outside energies, it’s hard to sense, can’t be seen, and is not visibly affected by touch.  The Auric field is who we are before the physical body.  It is at once easy and yet complex to understand.  It feeds us via the Chakra system through to the physical, marking the areas of weakness or imbalance with symptoms of ill health and if unchecked, disease.  It is so much a part of us, reflecting back our hurts, anger or love & compassion.  It is like the air we breathe, taken for granted (we know it’s there) and hardly thought of.

“theories have revealed the aura to have a fluid or flowing state; to be comprised of different colors, therefore frequencies; to be permeable and penetrable; and to be magnetic in nature, although it also has electromagnetic properties.  Other research has underscored these theories and expanded one additional element of the auric field: its connection to the inner sactum of the human being.”  (The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale)

Important Aspects of the Auric Field:-

  • It holds our energetic bodies (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual & life force)
  • It is a perfect replica of our physical body in layered form
  • It is the outer layer of ourselves which coalesces into the physical being
  • It holds on to our hopes and fears before they enter the physical body
  • It holds disharmony & disease before entering the physical
  • Its purpose is vitally linked to our overall well-being
  • It’s present at birth and stays with us until the moment of death.

AuraThe auric field is a dynamic energy unit constantly in flux, pulsating and changing in colour with our moods, ideas and thought patterns.  At birth, it uses all the memories of who we’ve ever been and who we intend to be in this lifetime and coalesces these divine energies it into a physical form.   It supports the functioning of the endocrine system and by extension, hormonal activity. Energies flow through our aura into our physical body via the Chakra System, a set of energy hubs that nourish our organs with life-giving renewed energy.  The chakras are a unique communication system between the aura and the physical body meaning that whatever is going on in the aura directly affects our bodily functions. Through this process, the function of the physical body at any one time is dependent upon the activity of the chakras which in turn is dependent upon the energies of the subtle bodies” (Christine R. Page – Frontiers of Health).

When a supply of energy is disturbed somehow, the relating organ is deprived of life force and normal functioning deteriorates, eventually leading to disease.  The disturbed flow affects our emotional and rational health as well as physical and spiritual. Illness and disease show up in our mind before manifesting in the physical, flowing into the chakras, through the auric field where signs and symptoms will make their appearance as messengers that an imbalance is taking place and ill health or disease will follow.  More importantly, each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland and its respective hormones, which in turn flow directly into the bloodstream to nourish and vitalize our organs and cells.


List of glands associated with the chakras

1st Chakra (Root)                     Testes/Ovaries (reproductive glands)
2nd Chakra (Sacral)                  Adrenals
3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus)         Pancreas
4th Chakra (Heart)                   Thymus
5th Chakra (Throat)                 Thyroid/parathyroid
6th Chakra (Third Eye)            Pituitary/Hypothalamus
7th Chakra (Crown)                  Pineal

The chakras are a unique communication system between the aura and the physical body meaning that whatever is going on in the aura directly affects our bodily functions. When you balance your Chakras, you keep your life force, your vibration at a higher level.

“Thus, tensions in the body are seen to reflect tensions in the consciousness, and the chakras can be used as a vehicle to understand the Body Mind Interface and its implications for healing”  Body Mirror System — The Brofman Foundation

The process is mind, auric field, physical

Aura PowerHow does the Auric field affect our health?

  • Disease sits in the auric field before hitting the physical
  • It is dependent upon our mental process – negative vs. positive thinking
  • It can be a fortress that keeps harmful energies at bay
  • It supports and nourishes the Chakra system, which in turn feeds our Endocrine system

Not only is the aura communicating constantly with the physical body through our chakra system, it also allows for direct communication with the outside world.  The first thing that comes to mind here, are first impressions or people that seem to have the power to attract attention. When a person repels us, one or more of the following could be at play:

  • Feelings of anger/resentment/bitterness or jealousy emanating from that person
  • An image emanating from within – a mirror of self-reflection.
  • Sensing harmful or negative energies and wanting to stay clear.

Similarily, when we meet someone we are attracted to :

  • Similar viewpoints and vibrational levels of awareness
  • Again, a mirror of self reflection – what is it about them that we can turn around and see in ourselves.
  • Sensing that knowledge is available as in the Teacher/Student relationship.

In this way, the aura is constantly sending messages to us about what’s going on inside and outside.  It is important to remember that our magnetic power affects others in different ways as well.

Energy flows into and out of our energetic bodies from the ‘outside’ world, bringing back to us what we assume will come our way.  Negative thoughts bring back negative aspects of our inner world and conversely positive thoughts bring back positive aspects.  We bring in the state of our mind or mood. The aura is an enlightened mirror for ourselves.  All we have to do is keep it polished and shining!

The Law of Attraction states:

“The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in many ways. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances”. (

How a strong auric field affects our everyday life:

  • Allows for full manifestation
  • Keeps harmful energies at bay
  • Keeps the heart & mind in harmonious thought patterning
  • Allows the transfer of healing energy more effectively
  • Balances emotionality with self and others
  • Maintains a quiet and focused mental state
  • Maintains a well-charged physical body and life force energy
  • Allows for a vibrant spiritual life; one thirsty for knowledge

If the energy/vibration is weak or blocked then life’s experiences will be hindered.

So, next time you take a breath, remember the auric field and breathe in good thoughts.  Let the negativity slip away with every breath you take.  Thoughts become things; think good ones!

Longevity (and other stuff) from a mountain garden

Longevity found in mountain garden treasures


It is only when I saunter up our mountain garden that I find the treasures I’ve missed.  Usually, I’m on a mission and so pass quickly to my intent without pausing to check my surroundings.  A few weeks ago, I came upon a plant growing right in the path, took a quick look and realized it was new, but continued on and it was forgotten.  Only when I had nothing to do and nothing to occupy my thoughts did I come upon it again and then noticed two such plants growing not too far apart.  Taking a snippet, I asked my good friend and Plant Medicine woman Dianne Luchtan, what it was.  Dianne has wondered over mountain and meadow in this neck of the woods and only makes herbal medicine from those plants she’s picked herself.  “Pearly (life) Everlasting”, she said without hesitation — the secret to longevity!  Ah, welcome to our blessed garden.

LongevityPearly Everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea)  is a member of the Daisy (Asteraceae) family and although it is used extensively in flower arrangements (some species have a strong sweet scent that gets stronger as the plant dries), this sweet plant has many clinical and magical attributes.

Make the flowers and leaves into a Natural Herbal Remedy tea for coughs, colds, flu symptoms or any respiratory ailments, as well as gastro-intestinal problems.  The leaves, in a tea, are reported to suppress the appetite and so have been used as a weight loss tool.  Sarah Anne Lawless states — “coughs, colds and diarrhea as a tea, added to a bath for rheumatism, and” “also smoked for lung problems and used for poultices to treat various ailments.”

Some Indian tribes gave it the name Rabbit Tobacco because it was said this was the method that Rabbit used to talk to the Creator.  It was used in the past, and still sometimes today, in smoking mixtures for ceremonies/rituals.  And…….Pearly Everlasting is reported to promote a long and healthy life!!

Matthew Wood has a very detailed account of this plant.  In his usual fashion, he outlines all you possibly need to know about a plant, both clinically and as a vibrational medicine.

His conclusions as to the personality of this sweet plant (Pearly Everlasting/Rabbit Tobacco) are below:

“1. Physical health: Rabbit tobacco is used for congenital defect or weakness, i.e., incomplete inheritance.
2. Psychological health: It is used when a legacy from a mentor or ancestor is not passed on and there is a break in the psychological inheritance.
3. Signature: Something like ‘life’ continues in rabbit tobacco, after the death of the plant, so that it carries on a communication between the living and dead.”


Keep an eye on my New Product page.     Maybe Longevity and Spirit Communication!?


California Poppy – Pleasure & Pain

Pleasure and Pain with California Poppy


I dare anyone to walk past the golden yellow flower of a California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) and not feel some sort of joy settling in. It stands tall, reaching for, and shining in the sun. It is the State CaliforniaPoppyflower of….. yes you guessed it, California. It has such diverse medicinal properties, that finding out about its ability to reduce pain, other than neuralgic, didn’t take me much by surprise. It’s a member of the Opium Poppy family (Papaveraceae) after all. I am inclined to file herbs into different categories for both traditional herbal and vibrational remedies but every now and then I read something that reminds me of other healing possibilities. It adds another layer to the medicinal benefits of this sunny looking and sunny feeling member of the Plant World.

For any issues with depression, be it mild or more severe, California Poppy has been called upon to uplift the spirits and calm the mind. It is equally good for the nervous system allowing the antispasmodic, anxiolytic and sedative properties to take effect. The chemical components are the same as the Opium Poppy although much less potent; so it lends itself well to a variety of painful conditions. According to Anne McIntyre (1): “It began to be used as a medicine in the last century, when it rapidly gained a reputation as a non-addictive alternative to the opium poppy.” It is so mild that it is quite safe in remedies for children. This herb may have a sunny disposition but is severely lacking in the taste department. Add peppermint and chamomile to tea for anxious children. This combination works well when traveling (2).

As my focus is primarily vibrational medicine, I use this plant whenever I need a joyful or uplifting energy to be present. Here are some of the ways California Poppy works in vibrational remedies:

JoyCalifornia Poppy brings light, playfulness and a calm sense of well-being to our Joy remedy.



EsteemCalifornia Poppy brings a heightened sense of self-worth and sunshine to our Esteem remedy. Yes, there are herbs for low self-esteem. (2)



4th Chakra BalanceCalifornia Poppy brings calmness and an uplifting spirit to our 4th Chakra remedy, Harmony.  Helps to release anger and pain.



After reading Anne McIntyre’s article I was glad to be reminded that California Poppy works well for pain in lotions, creams and salves (1)(Anne McIntyre). I’ll put it on the drawing board for future remedy making.

(1) Anne McIntyre, writing in Positive Health Online:
(2) Thomas Avery Garran, Western Herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
(3) Anne McIntyre, writing in Positive Health Online:

Making Plant Medicine with your Inner Child

Winter is a great time to go within (connecting with your inner child) and take time to flush out new ideas and new formulas that will launch a new year for making plant medicine. It is always fun and mysterious to see which plants show up. In meditation, and in my Sacred spot, I call to the plants that are ready to be used for medicine. Sometimes, it’s academic knowledge that allows the choice but, at other times, it’s the magical knowledge and not just from ancient texts or old beliefs. I find this magical knowledge can come from within. Trying to remember what it was like as a child to wonder the gardens/meadows/woods is where the magical knowledge comes from for me. It’s not just about the length of time spent in a garden or the amount of variety; it’s the awesomeness and abundance I felt at the beauty of the growth.

Inner ChildWhat I remember are the mud pies, daisy chains and the oh-so-lush blackberry bush; one for the bowl and one for me. We dug in the dirt, picked flowers and berries and talked and sang to the animals that arrived. We were happy outside; at one with the garden and all its happenings. Little did I know about the medicinal benefits of all the herbs, flowers & trees in the garden.

Today, I don’t make mud pies but do try to get my hands dirty when looking for specific Plants used for medicine. If I’m wondering the garden for ideas or even on my computer, my ‘little girl’ stays with me to keep the freshness and beauty alive during the search. When things get a little stressful, she reminds me to take a step back and see the beauty of what’s around me; and of course, the beauty of the creations from the Plant World.

Although many plants/herbs are sleeping and gathering energy for their appearance in the Spring, my ‘little girl’ and I are dreaming of new formulations for 2016. We find the Spirit energy of the Plants alive and well during this quiet time.

What better way to make Plant medicine than with the wisdom and knowledge of an adult and the innocence and spontaneity of a child.


20% discount for Practitioners

20% discount for Practitioners brings expansion in Alternative Health Clinics


20% Discount for PractitionersOur 20% discount for Practitioners was well received in 2015.  Our goal was to  attract Practitioners who are interested in Energy Medicine for their clients and were thrilled when they used them personally as well.  Most are intrigued by the vast array of remedies available and impressed with the integrity of design and manufacturing processes.  Practitioners who received samples of product to test in their practices were excited by the results. Each, in their own way, were able to enhance their healing practices using our energy medicine remedies.

Practitioners who like and use our products include: craniosacral therapists, energy healing therapists, reiki, matrix energetics, massage therapists, lomi lomi massage therapists, shamanic practitioners, psychic healers, chakra readers. The list continues to grow.

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Our products offer potent Energy Medicine for the spiritually aware and those wishing to raise their vibration.


Creating Abundance

Manifesting vs creating Abundance

Creating Abundance as an energetic medicine came about because someone asked me to make it – which is how it is most of the time these days. I find new and past clients and colleagues are very helpful in giving me inspiration as to what is needed next from a healing perspective. So it was, when a colleague asked me to make a remedy for Abundance, I put my mind to the task, with the help of the Plant World, of course.

Creating AbundanceIt took a while for me to get my head around how it would be formulated and how the energies would be different from my Manifestation remedy, a vibrational energy medicine in The Plant Medicine Shops Chakra Balancing series.  Both my colleague and I agreed that the art of manifesting and the feelings of abundance are two different energies of Vibrational Medicine. The Manifestation remedy clears energy blockages – an imbalance of the 9th Chakra—and allows the art of actively ‘doing’ to take place in order to manifest. Abundance, meanwhile, is the art of ‘feeling’ that you have everything you need.

It can be summed up this way, I think:

Manifesting is the art of engaging with the world to make things happen while abundance is the art of engaging with yourself to know that you have everything you need.

As I was gathering the herbs, I realized that this  vibrational energy medicine, wanted to be a spray. So I gathered the herbs and added to boiling water to start the process.

Ingredient list,why I chose them and other info here:





Plant Medicine Applications

Natural Herbal Remedies — Plant Medicine Applications

Natural Herbal Remedies (plant medicine applications) have been used for thousands of years with certain herbs/plants used for specific areas within the body, as Chamomile is specific to the stomach and Hawthorn is specific to the heart. Herbs play a big role in keeping our physical bodies healthy and fit but taking this one step further in using the energetics of a herb/plant, they can also play a big role in creating vitality in our whole body system. Using the energetics of the plants, you can create powerful remedies for the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and life force aspect of ourselves.

At the Plant Medicine Shop, we believe that the time has come to pay more attention to everything that we are, not just the physical body. Most people who look to Natural Herbal Remedies for health issues, don’t always realize that the herbs or plants, can work their magic on our whole body system. The Plants are givers of energy and are so ready to share their medicine in a myriad of ways.

Plant Medicine ApplicationsOur Chakra Balancing Kit, is one of many products at The Plant Medicine Shop that address the need to take care of our energetic selves. It’s a beautiful story – using the energetics of the plants, we can heal and transform the energetics of our whole body. We are dedicated to this approach having found great success in the healing aspect of co-creating vibrational remedies with the Plant World.

We know the beauty and power of our work will stand the test of time in this era of ‘searching’, ‘looking’, for Natural Herbal Remedies that will extend our knowledge of how the plants work with us in healing. Having most of the product lines formulated as salves, the focus of touch is added to this healing sphere. The application process then is using touch to feel the energy of the plants and producing a whole new healing paradigm. As we as humans, climb the evolutionary ladder, The Plant Medicine Shop produces evolutionary vibrational remedies for Chakra Balancing and the Human energy system.

Becoming your own authority in life

Is there a Vibrational Medicine that allows for a strong sense of self and authority? Yes, there is!! The Plant Medicine Shop’s ‘Warrior’, will allow for our inner knowing to shine so that we can govern ourselves according to our own hopes, dreams and life values. A vibrational remedy that creates the stance needed to question and learn from life experiences.

WarriorIn our society, we have many authority figures who tell us what to do, when to do it, why do it, and sometimes, even what and how to do it. It can be hard to decipher all the information and go inside to see what is best at any given moment in our life. And, of course, this can change, as we change and grow. To become our own authority figure is akin to becoming a Warrior.

What does it mean to be a warrior? Is it someone who goes out complete with all-in body armour, angry and ready for a fight? Or is it someone who stands strong and clear in their convictions, open hearted, centred and fearless

Warrior, was designed with the qualities of clear, focused energy, centredness, fearless and a strong connection to Spirit and each other. It speaks to the ways in which we present ourselves to others and to ourselves. It is about ‘not waffling’ or indecisiveness. It is about confidence in who we are and our place in our community/society. It is about knowing when to advance and when to stop. Mostly it is about dreaming our own self-governance – accepting that we are the authority figure in our own lives.

Plant Medicine used to make Warrior :

Roses (Rosa Canina) – for beauty and protection
Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) — integrity and cohesion
Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)  — dreaming and manifesting
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinale) – clarity and focus, memory of our spirit selves
Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)   — loyalty and boundaries
Hawk Essence – vision and truth
Cedar Essence – uncorrupted, resilient, ancient knowledge
This Vibrational Remedy was put in a base of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Gel
Crystals Used: Amatrine & Clear crystal quartz

Communicating with Plants used for Medicine

sunflowersThe sunflowers have produced many flower heads this year and although they’re small they will serve the purpose of bringing confidence, leadership and the energy of the Sun to my Vibrational Medicines.  This is the first time that a plant used for medicine has been put in the garden knowing before it grew what it was needed for.  This is not an easy-growing garden.  It’s on a mountain with not much Sun and too many deer.  The wind and rain have beaten down the sunflowers so that now they’re bent to one side but still standing and looking beautiful and elegant.  Each day I would give the plant attention and love and let it know why I needed it.  The result was 16 flower heads!!

Communicating with the plant world is not a step by step process that you can write down.  For me, the best time is when I’m already in the midst of designing or making remedies.  At those times, ‘I’m in the zone’, so to speak.  I’m totally immersed in the process of looking for the herbs and making sure I have all the right equipment out.  My mind is quiet so I can ‘hear’ what’s going on.
It is elusive in that the ‘hearing’ can be a sense or a feeling and not always something that those around can participate in.  It’s not a voice in my head but a thought that kind of hangs there.  Learning to trust this communication is key.

When the Vibrational Medicine making is taking place and I’m getting the herbs ready I notice there are some that don’t want to be there or very insistent that they be included.  In fact, some are hard to find or pick up so I’m sure they can read my mind as I’m asking to read theirs and when I check in, I realize there energy is either no longer needed or another plant used for medicine will be better.

Most of the time, a connection is made in the spirit world. I search out the plant and ask if it wants to be in a certain formula and whether there is another plant that might work better. The plant world is very giving and I find that if I ask for a certain energetic quality, they give it.  Sometimes I’m shown the type of plant that will be needed for a formula as in my Pathfinder formula for Dreamcatcher. It was clear that the plants/herbs be of a vine-like or climbing nature.  In this way, the Plant World shows/tells me what is needed for medicine.