Chakra Kit
Chakra Kit

The Chakra Kit for Awakening and Balancing

This unique & potent product is a set of ten. 15ml jars, salves each attributable to an imbalance or stress in our energy body. When we use the herbal healing salves, our touch and intention allow the thread of healing to strengthen our entire auric field and aid in the transition to higher vibrations.  Using current and ancient knowledge the Chakra Awakening and Balance Kit has been blessed by universal energies and aligned alchemically to produce a highly charged set of remedies.  Use this chakra cleanse and balancing formula to uplift, balance and increase life force energy.

The application of each remedy is quite intuitive and different for everyone, but we have noted application areas that have worked for us.

    • 1st Chakra Balance -Living Fully — to release self-doubt & fear (Roses, Borage, Thyme, Lavender Oil)
      • Application: Soles of feet, back of neck, 4th Chakra
    • 2nd Chakra Balance -Intention — focus & clarity in dealing with interwoven relationships (St.John’s Wort Oil, Mullein Flower Oil, Basil Essential Oil, Tansy Flower Essence)
      • Application: Palms of hands, inside wrists, third eye, sacral chakra area
    • 3rd Chakra Balance -Connection — release judgement & accept the connection to all things (Holy Basil, Solomon’s Seal Root, Marshmallow Leaf, Sandalwood Essential Oil)
      • Application: 3rd Chakra area, soles of feet, palms of hands
    • 4th Chakra Balance -Harmony — release anger and balance emotions (California Poppy, Pine Bark, White Pond Lily, Hawk Essence)
      • Application: 4th Chakra area, lower back, tip of pointer finger
    • 5th Chakra Balance -Communication — connect heart to throat & speak your truth (Rhodiola, Licorice Root, Schizandra berries, Nettle Leaf, Cedar Leaf Essential Oil)
      • Application: line between 4th & 5th Chakra, behind ears
    • 6th Chakra Balance -Self-Awareness — know yourself, what you put out & what you leave behind (Sage, Vetiver, Frankincense Essential Oil, Quartz Essence)
      • Application: 6th Chakra (third eye) soles of feet, palms of hands
    • 7th Chakra Balance -Inspiration — your Sacred Dream in this life (Mugwort, Roses, Passionflower, Clary Sage Essential Oil)
      • Application: back of neck, inside wrists, temples
    • 8th Chakra Balance -Resilience — find strength & flexibility in Mind, Body, Spirit (Chamomile, Motherwort, Dandelion Leaf, Horsetail)
      • Application: Inside wrists, soles of feet, palms of hands, back of neck, temples
    • 9th Chakra Balance -Manifestation — bringing your intentions into reality (Rosemary, Agrimony, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Metal Essence)
      • Application: Behind ears, back of neck, inside wrists
    • 10th Chakra Balance -Union — at one with Great Spirit (Angelica, Sacred Lotus Petals, Yucca Root, Diamond Essence)
          • Application: Back of neck, third eye, heart chakra

      Chakra Balance Kit“The Chakra Kit begins balancing the chakras on impact.  I’ve been using this line with my lomilomi massage clients and the lower vibrating energy stuck in the chakras begins to release as soon as the salves are applied.  Often, the client or myself receive imagery in our mind’s eye that supports the healing and in some cases provides insight into the cause of the imbalance.  On a personal level, I use them on a day-to-day basis when I feel like I can use some support accessing my inner wisdom; they clear away distracting energies in my auric field so I can get clarity.
      I can feel the energy in each jar right now and can’t wait to try them all” Jen, Snow Hawk


chakra kit“I am a registered massage therapist, 35 years in practice.  I employ a variety of modalities in my work, depending on client need.  I have been using the chakra kit over the past year – whichever one calls.  I can no longer use essential oils due to skin sensitivity, and I have found your vibrational creations a wonderful option.  Thank you; I appreciate your connection to the plants and the stories you tell about them (and the elementals, of course).”



“The PAngelelant Medicine Shop can help you understand the reasons that chakras slow down or stop working with their chakra products. They enhance my beingness.” Angele.

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