When I first set out to formulate my Chakra Balance Kit a year or so ago, I did so with the express purpose of balancing and realigning the energy flow in our chakra system. The result has been an acknowledgement that these 10 salves are actually a step by step remedy to increase life force energy. By starting at #1 Living Fully and continuing with each one until #10 Union, you are not only balancing the chakra system but increasing your life force energy as well.  The 10 salves can also be purchased individually for extra work on a specific chakra/area.

Chakra Balance KitAs it turns out this is a Kit for ‘Awakening & Balancing’– physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and life force energy.

From the beginning I chose to formulate my Chakra Balance Kit and most of my vibrational remedies with salves/creams as the spreading/applying of the salve/cream is the first step in the healing process. We rarely touch ourselves enough with care and love.


A Transformational Path Explained:

#1 – Living Fully— is about letting go of the fear and self doubt and is definitely where a path to transformation will start. Fear stops us from new learning, engaging in life with zest or denying ourselves pleasures. It stops us from living fully. We may be worried that we’ll fail and then be ridiculed or shamed.

#2 – Intention – without fear, create intentions for the next few months or year that are realistic and for yourself. When you intend, you create a line of energy from you to the intention. This salve will help keep this line strong and focused.

#3 – Connection – start engaging with and in the world. Notice others in your path as well as the trees, flowers, birds, the air, the water, animals, plants, rocks & stones. This salve will break the illusion that we are separate beings and strengthen our connection to all the worlds of the earth.

#4 – Harmony – release any anger or jealousy that is stopping the flow of open-hearted, compassionate energy and create a balanced emotional flow. This is a sometimes hard salve to work with. Emotions may run high but the idea is to pay attention and notice where the anger or jealousy stems from.   Some things that show up may surprise you but are a sign that they need to be dealt with. Once this salve has produced a well-balanced emotional flow, it’s time to open up the channel between the heart and the throat.

Communication#5 –Communication – speak from the heart. This salve creates a space where there is no need for lies or derogatory comments. The channel between the heart and throat chakra are open and communication becomes easier with love, without malice but is what is true for you. It is what it is!

#6 – Self-Awareness – become aware of who you are.   At this point, your life force energy is enough to notice the effect of what you do and what you say to others. Can you look behind you and see beauty? Can you look ahead and see yourself in harmony with those around you?

#7 – Inspiration – let your asleep and waking dreams inspire you. This salve assists in aligning with our inner knowing, our potential and our highest dreams.   A quieter mind will be replaced by constant thoughts so that our own personal dreams/desires can be heard

#8 – Resilience –become the eye in the storm. Stay flexible and calm when chaos hits so that you can become present and focused. This salve was formulated with the physical in mind as well, so that as we age our bodies stay strong and vibrant and can carry us a long way.

#9 – Manifestation – bring in the energies that will create the life you want. You have released fear and anger, made intentions and connections, communicated your needs/desires and become aware of who you are. You have been inspired by your connections to your higher self and know how to be strong in physical and flexible when things get rough. This is a very personal salve and will create a space for your highest good to be manifested.

#10 – Union – open a channel to Great Spirit and feel the awesomeness of simply being.   This salve creates a space for us to see our utmost potential. All that is, was, and ever will be is present — the perfect NOW moment. Don’t worry – your life force can handle it!!

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