20% discount for Practitioners brings expansion in Alternative Health Clinics


20% Discount for PractitionersOur 20% discount for Practitioners was well received in 2015.  Our goal was to  attract Practitioners who are interested in Energy Medicine for their clients and were thrilled when they used them personally as well.  Most are intrigued by the vast array of remedies available and impressed with the integrity of design and manufacturing processes.  Practitioners who received samples of product to test in their practices were excited by the results. Each, in their own way, were able to enhance their healing practices using our energy medicine remedies.

Practitioners who like and use our products include: craniosacral therapists, energy healing therapists, reiki, matrix energetics, massage therapists, lomi lomi massage therapists, shamanic practitioners, psychic healers, chakra readers. The list continues to grow.

If you are a Practitioner wishing to take advantage of these savings and pass along the healing benefits of our vibrational medicine products, click here.   For those wishing to sell our energy medicine in clinic spaces, Wholesale pricing is also available.

We are always striving to find new ways to bring our products to market and that’s why Practitioners receive a 20% discount store-wide (specials excluded). When Practitioners extol the virtues of our products, distribution is increased. We feel so strongly about the healing capabilities of our products that this exceptional discount is being offered again in 2016.

Our products offer potent Energy Medicine for the spiritually aware and those wishing to raise their vibration.


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