Winter is a great time to go within (connecting with your inner child) and take time to flush out new ideas and new formulas that will launch a new year for making plant medicine. It is always fun and mysterious to see which plants show up. In meditation, and in my Sacred spot, I call to the plants that are ready to be used for medicine. Sometimes, it’s academic knowledge that allows the choice but, at other times, it’s the magical knowledge and not just from ancient texts or old beliefs. I find this magical knowledge can come from within. Trying to remember what it was like as a child to wonder the gardens/meadows/woods is where the magical knowledge comes from for me. It’s not just about the length of time spent in a garden or the amount of variety; it’s the awesomeness and abundance I felt at the beauty of the growth.

Inner ChildWhat I remember are the mud pies, daisy chains and the oh-so-lush blackberry bush; one for the bowl and one for me. We dug in the dirt, picked flowers and berries and talked and sang to the animals that arrived. We were happy outside; at one with the garden and all its happenings. Little did I know about the medicinal benefits of all the herbs, flowers & trees in the garden.

Today, I don’t make mud pies but do try to get my hands dirty when looking for specific Plants used for medicine. If I’m wondering the garden for ideas or even on my computer, my ‘little girl’ stays with me to keep the freshness and beauty alive during the search. When things get a little stressful, she reminds me to take a step back and see the beauty of what’s around me; and of course, the beauty of the creations from the Plant World.

Although many plants/herbs are sleeping and gathering energy for their appearance in the Spring, my ‘little girl’ and I are dreaming of new formulations for 2016. We find the Spirit energy of the Plants alive and well during this quiet time.

What better way to make Plant medicine than with the wisdom and knowledge of an adult and the innocence and spontaneity of a child.


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