Using Vibrational Medicine for the 2nd Chakra

The art of Chakra Balancing is not just about changing/adjusting the vibratory rate and altering the path of disease, it’s about bringing into focus a new level of awareness.

2nd ChakraChakra Balancing or healing for the 2nd Chakra has been found to be the most relevant in the quest for health and wellness.  Relationships are important and consume are thoughts, mostly because we all want to belong somewhere, somehow.  It’s what makes us Human.

The 2nd (Sacral) Chakra represents family, community and our relationship to the outside world.  Without this connection we feel powerless to go outside of ourselves and live life.  We have to be willing to engage with all aspects of our being for this chakra to be open and balanced making sure to leave fear behind.  These outward relationships include all the universal energies that we will likely interact with.  When you bend down to notice the beauty of a plant or flower, or are training a dog, a relationship has presented itself.  With 2nd Chakra Balancing, there is a capacity to hold the energies of giving and receiving in equal measure.   Sexuality and intimacy sit here; how we view ourselves in sexual connection with another dictates the health and balance of the emotional body.

Specifics of the 2nd Chakra:

Location: Lower abdomen (below the navel)
Spiritual Aspect: Self Respect
Issues: lack of emotional support (up to age 2), sexual abuse, strict manipulative younger years, no opportunity to trust
Endocrine Gland: Ovaries/Testes (sex hormones)
IntentionNeeds: Strong relationships/partnerships, belonging, allowing pleasure
Associated Organs: Womb, testes, reproductive system
Associated Disease: Infertility/Impotence, lower back pain, menstrual disorders, prostate disorders
Enemy: Guilt
Natural Herbal Remedies for the 2nd Chakra: Vibrational Remedy, ‘Intention’ from the plant medicine shop,  mugwort, yarrow, raspberry leaf, motherwort, cinnamon, sweet flag.  Pumpkin, carrots, peppers, oranges

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