Including Ceremony in Everyday Life


CeremonyI light the candle; I focus on my breath; I verbally affirm that I will honour myself this day as the flame represents my beautiful self. Ceremony in its simplest and purest form is this easy.

Any ceremony or ritual that takes a person outside of their daily thinking mode, places them in a truly introspective state.  How does lighting a candle become a ceremonial act?  Intent and the commitment to go inside very briefly, alters brain waves and our personal reality.  This is what happens:- you would take a step to the side, breathe, light a candle, speak an honouring and then take the step back into your daily reality.  This would take no more than a minute but the effect will last all day.

There are many ways in which we come together as a family or community to honour and give thanks to those that are dear to us.  Ceremonies for new life (Christening, Baptism, Community ritual for honouring new life, etc.), death (funerals, Community ritual for honouring the dead, etc.) and religious ceremonies such as those on Christmas, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day have an aspect of gathering together. These occasions are important in that they support a strong sense of family and community; a much needed energetic when it comes to the first and second chakra.   Very rarely does an honouring of oneself take precedence over our busy lives.  An obligation to honour others is usually more appealing to our sense of spiritual practice than honouring ourselves.

When we started a series of remedies for ‘Ceremony’, the impetus was to somehow bring the idea of ceremony in everyday life to the forefront—especially for ourselves.  We knew that most people view Ceremony to be outside of their daily routines and something that might be so involved as to be unattainable in their busy, chaotic days.

Other Ceremonial practices for self:-

  • Affirmations in front of a mirror, which also take about 20 seconds and bring a commanding presence to the outcome of a person’s day.
  • Meditation is a breathing and ‘NOW’ ceremony
  • Mindful walking in the forest is a connection to nature ceremony.
  • Power animal drum journeys are a shamanic ceremony for finding how your character aligns with the animal world.
  • Water ceremonies (bath/shower) for self-forgiveness.

The desire to connect to our innate knowing through Ceremony is what drives this unique series of vibrational remedies.  The effect is magical, potent and lasting.

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