Springtime garden — Plant World wonders!

The sun is bursting through the back door promising me that Spring is here.  I open the door, Ms. Diva quick behind me, and turn right to see what’s going on in the Plant World.  On the path is the Hydrangea, still hanging onto flowers from last year.  How can this be, after such a hard winter?  Snow drifts and harsh cold winds could not deter the hydrangea from hanging on to its flowers it seems.  The root and the rhizome of this plant are used primarily in urinary disorders but energetically I use the flower to represent gratitude and it leads the way in our newest energetic ‘Forgiveness’.  Forgiveness remedy will make you feel ‘like I was cradling my inner child. Hope, Love, forgiveness and acceptance”, says M. Darago, Shamanic Practitioner.

Taking in the strength of Hydrangea, I continue on past the still-frozen compost and turn left.  There sits the remnants of last year’s Lemon Balm nestled in beside the SW rock – the place of dreaming.  Lemon Balm is used traditionally as a calming herb for body, heart and mind.  Serenity Tonic and Serenity Salve Serenityare two powerful remedies that take full use of Lemon Balm’s calming properties when restlessness insomnia or anxiety are present.  I use Lemon Balm energetically in a ceremonial remedy to quiet the mind, calm the breath and soften the heart.  After smudging, I reach for ‘Silence’ to help find that meditative state needed for the ceremonial process.  Lemon Balm works well with Rosemary & Yarrow in this remedy to maintain a strong focus and connection to Spirit.

A few steps further and Wood Betony comes into view, already peaking out from the detritus of last year.  Its leaves are arrow-like and already vibrant green.  Wood Betony gives me the energetic of protection and I use it whenever an element of shielding is needed, such us Dreamsafe & Protection.  Traditionally, Wood Betony is a well-known addition to headache remedies.

Soon, Red Clover will appear on the left as I head up the path and hopefully a beautiful basal rosette of mullein from last year’s growth – nothing yet.  Straight ahead on the path, sits our kitchen herb garden:- mint, sage, rue, thyme – I can see them all except Rue – a late starter.

I step carefully up the next few steps because here is where I found Pearly Everlasting last year.  I don’t know a lot about his plant except that I have great plans for its use in ‘Walking Between the Worlds’ a remedy to help journeyers to access other realms.

St. John's WortSt. John’s Wort is sitting small & pretty beside an old tree stump, looking healthy and ready to roll for another year of medicine giving.  This is a sunny plant; great for depression in a tincture or as a wound healer as a salve.  Energetically, I rely on St. John’s Wort a lot – Mind Power, Joy, Authenticity all use the power of this plant to bring a sense of joy, passion and an energy of courage and protection.

Walking in the garden in Springtime brings a feeling of anticipation and adventure.  Knowing that things will happen; plants will grow where they are supposed to and a lot of times in areas where you don’t expect them to.  Every year, it’s the same thing – a sense of awe and wonderment at the Spirit and life of the Plant World.

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