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Meditating (Journeying) with Cedar, Rose & Grandfather San Pedro using Plant Dreaming Oil

As I write this, I have just applied Plant Dreaming Oil to my third eye — a pathway to connect to Plant Spirits.

connect to plant spirit medicineI’ve taken a deep breath and have settled into my Medicine Wheel to begin my Plant Medicine journey.   This is a test of a new formulation for this potion.  The unique blend of seven herbs (for dreaming) in oil, is bringing into focus, Cedar (Thuja plicata )tree.  I love Cedar for its energies of ancient wisdom, unyielding presence, strength and vitality and of course, for cleansing.  I use it a lot in my energy medicines and have grown used to its presence.  The bark of the tree is right in front of my face, as though it has something important to tell.  I watch as it drifts slowly backwards and settles into a protective stance.  I am in awe of the beauty of this wise sacred one.   I give gratitude to Cedar for allowing me to feel its essence.

connect to plant spirit medicineI ask Rose(Rosa) to come to me and immediately feel the energy of fierce compassion and matriarchy.  The protective beauty that Rose upholds is given freely to all who use her.  Her petals are soft; her scent is sublime; her thorns are sharp.  Pay attention when you visit Rose.  There is also a sense of elder wisdom about her – a quiet knowing.  Her life force is strong & vibrant.  Rose has helped a lot in formulating our energy medicines.

The next day I apply to my third eye and wrists and call to San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi), the old wise one who uses ruthless compassion to show us our fears.  He presents as an ancient grandfather, weathered and wisened with age; hat on head, stick in hand.  He points to a pathway that is illumined for me and ushers me towards it with his stick.  I come to a cliff at the end of the road and am asked if I want to fly off.  I start to worry that I’ll let myself go or something else comes along to distract me and I fall.  Emotion takes over and there it is – the question San Pedro has
for me.  Do I trust myself enough?  Do I trust that I can fly out over the cliff and through my will and intention, come back easily to land? Grandfather San Pedro won’t save me and stands there watching, with love but no pity.  I take off and fly around worried that something will come to take me down, but I keep focused and land back safely.  He prods me to do it again and off I go into the cosmos and back.   My fear of not being able to trust myself and others to take care of my spirit is shown vividly and forcefully.  Been here before, but obviously haven’t taken it in fully.  As I walk back down the path, Grandfather San Pedro merges with the surroundings and I’m alone once again.

I come back to my Medicine Wheel and then to where I am, sitting in a chair close to the fire.  In awe, once again, at the Power of the Plant World to give freely of their medicine gifts.  Plant Dreaming Oil will take you on plant journeys to find out your medicine and your healing journey.  Available only at Plant Medicine Shop.


Saturday Morning with Rue

Journey with the Spirit of Rue

The healing & magical benefits of Rue were on full display this morning.  Just as I was finishing my morning brew, I knew that I was being called.  I put my garden shoes on and started up the path knowing I’d step into the magic of the Plant Spirits.  Excited that some new revelation would be downloaded to me, I ignored the lone Hawkweed waving at me.  Hawkweed is cheeky.  I have declared a very small portion of garden as hawkweed-free but know that this Hawkweedplant has visions of overtaking all.  The battle (I have no illusions about Hawkweeds ferocity to get what it wants) for property rights appears to be continuing.

Revelations are not the norm when I sit down with plants.  Sometimes, it’s just a silent togetherness.  The plants know me very well in that I don’t like to hang around too long and can be impatient for the answers.  Mint, for instance, can be very standoff-ish with me and so I’m willing, every now and then, to take more time than usual to hear stories of their medicine.  Today was such a day, but as I approached Rue, Herb of Grace, the beauty of her medicine was shown to me immediately.

Rue presented like a DNA spiral expanding and contracting; as she protects and shields so can she strangle and choke.  In the past, as today, Rue is placed beside entryways or in a pouch to be worn for heightened protection and strangles and chases away negative and harmful energy.  In that same vein, Rue is a reliable antidote to poison, ridding the body of harmful substances.  She can protect and attack with the same fierceness.  Internally, Rue should be used with care.  For example, just a little and she can be soothing; too much and she can aggravate.  Rue Dreamsafeis excellent for mild indigestion but too much and she can produce severe vomiting.  Stick to 10 drops of tincture 2X’s day to start and ½ cup Rue tea (using dried leaves).  I use it sparingly in salads and have not found any other kitchen uses for it although the internet has many different cultural uses.

The healing energy of Rue is overcast by her ability to do harm and so Rue, Herb of Grace, is very much considered a magic herb and seldom used in herbal medicine today.  “Its main modern application is to regulate the menstrual cycle and bring on the suppressed menses” David Hoffman – Medical Herbalism.

The essential oil of Rue is a powerful abortifacient and accordingly, should be avoided during pregnancy.  Rue can leave a rash or irritations on the skin when picking her, so wear gloves and long sleeves.  A fierce clue to her protective abilities.

According to Matthew Wood, Rue is hot and dry in the third degree (Galen’s extended medical system) meaning that (hot in 3rd) it promotes perspiration, cuts through blockages (phlegm, depression) and clears away stagnant situations, such as suppressed menses and (dry in 3rd) cautions on its ability to take over and exacerbate the problem.

Properties of Rue:-

Rue HerbRue  (Ruta graveolens)
Family: Rutaceae
Taste: bitter & pungent
Parts used: Whole herb with the top young shoots (before flowering) being the most potent
Actions: Antispasmodic, bitter, abortifacient, bitter, antimicrobial, emmenagogue
Preparations: Tincture, Tea, Salve, Cream, Oil

And so, coming back from my journey – I give thanks and honour the angel that is Rue.  I ground myself and step gently down, one by one until I land at the bottom; my two feet firmly on the ground.  I don’t know why I don’t sit with the plants every day.  The feeling of breathing and being as one with Mother Earth is always so awesome.

You can find Rue in Aura & Dreamsafe

Communicating with Plants used for Medicine

sunflowersThe sunflowers have produced many flower heads this year and although they’re small they will serve the purpose of bringing confidence, leadership and the energy of the Sun to my Vibrational Medicines.  This is the first time that a plant used for medicine has been put in the garden knowing before it grew what it was needed for.  This is not an easy-growing garden.  It’s on a mountain with not much Sun and too many deer.  The wind and rain have beaten down the sunflowers so that now they’re bent to one side but still standing and looking beautiful and elegant.  Each day I would give the plant attention and love and let it know why I needed it.  The result was 16 flower heads!!

Communicating with the plant world is not a step by step process that you can write down.  For me, the best time is when I’m already in the midst of designing or making remedies.  At those times, ‘I’m in the zone’, so to speak.  I’m totally immersed in the process of looking for the herbs and making sure I have all the right equipment out.  My mind is quiet so I can ‘hear’ what’s going on.
It is elusive in that the ‘hearing’ can be a sense or a feeling and not always something that those around can participate in.  It’s not a voice in my head but a thought that kind of hangs there.  Learning to trust this communication is key.

When the Vibrational Medicine making is taking place and I’m getting the herbs ready I notice there are some that don’t want to be there or very insistent that they be included.  In fact, some are hard to find or pick up so I’m sure they can read my mind as I’m asking to read theirs and when I check in, I realize there energy is either no longer needed or another plant used for medicine will be better.

Most of the time, a connection is made in the spirit world. I search out the plant and ask if it wants to be in a certain formula and whether there is another plant that might work better. The plant world is very giving and I find that if I ask for a certain energetic quality, they give it.  Sometimes I’m shown the type of plant that will be needed for a formula as in my Pathfinder formula for Dreamcatcher. It was clear that the plants/herbs be of a vine-like or climbing nature.  In this way, the Plant World shows/tells me what is needed for medicine.

Plants used for Medicine – Plant Journey with Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum), is always seen at our house during the growing season. When you happen to brush against it during your walks through the plant pots, it jumps up to say hello, letting you know it’s there with an absolutely pungent burst of aroma. We all know Basil from pesto making or additions to salads but this ‘fit for a king’ (Greek – basileus=king) herb has a lot of good medicine and history. The Basil we know as Sweet Basil is but one of many varieties. Originating in India, it was quickly cultivated throughout the world and is now used in many world cuisines.

The other day, I sat down with Sweet Basil and asked for any vibrational medicine properties not previously recorded by me. Basil is well known for its variety of medicinal benefits but I wanted to know more of its spirit, and the gift of energetic medicine it had to offer.

Sweet BasilEnergetic Benefits:
Sweet Basil is known to stimulate and focus the mind and balance the emotions. It is excellent for dispelling negativity and despair in the mind. When I let the scent of basil enter my space, I immediately sensed a focus and clarity of mind. Something that was new for me is a heart opening and protecting energy. I also sensed a protection or grounding energy around my feet. The plants will always give you want you need and so apart from using essential oil of Basil in any remedies that require clarity, I will add this to my list of heart opening and protection remedies that are made at The Plant Medicine Shop. The energy feel was protection in the general ‘energy body’ sense as well of heart protection.

It is hard to talk about the spiritual benefits of Basil without noting the amazing nutritional benefits and the effect on the physical body.

Nutritional Benefits:
Sweet Basil is chock full of Vitamin K, with good amounts of Vitamin A & C, iron and magnesium to name a few. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, carminative, stimulant, digestive, anti-fungal, refrigerant, nervine and a diaphoretic – which basically means that it lowers inflammation, kills certain bacteria and fungus, helps with digestive issues, calms nerves, lowers fevers and makes you sweat.

Quick uses for your Sweet Basil:-
– Basil is an excellent digestive – drop a few fresh-picked leaves into boiling water.
– Insect bites are quickly relieved when a few fresh-picked leaves or essential oil is applied.
– Apply essential oil to back of neck and temple to aid mental confusion or depressive attitude
– Fresh-picked leaves are excellent for summer fevers

Plant Medicine Shop products using Sweet Basil essentail oil

Vibrational Medicine for the 2nd Chakra





Mind Power





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Sacred Basil

Last June I lay down with Sacred Basil, courtesy of Pam Montgomery, who wrote the book ‘Plant Spirit Healing’. The International Herb Symposium 2013 in Boston had many excellent speakers, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a Shamanic Journey facilitated by Pam.

We entered the room which was laid out in a circle and at each spot sat a pot of Sacred Basil. After our prayers and calling in the powers of the Universe, we made ourselves comfortable to begin our journeys with Sacred Basil.

My journey was of a strong feminine presence that showed me the connection to Spirit; that is to say, in all things, in all places, at any time. When I think of Sacred Basil, I’m reminded of this journey and let Spirit flow into my energy and take time to actually FEEL it.

I remember you Tulsi
As a whisp of energy
Like a pink silk scarf blowing in the breeze
Following you down into the arms of the Earth
Elusive, but somehow attainable
All knowing, ever present
When the breeze settles, I feel you near
Seeing your energy touch the plants, trees, sun, water, earth, sky
Yes, I get it — Spirit is everywhere
You are a strong gentle knowledge breathing Earth’s drum

After our journeying, we hooked up a Sacred Basil plant to a biofeedback machine synched to a synthesizer that turns the vibrations into audio tones. What a joy to hear the song of Sacred Basil!!

Sacred Plant Journey – Dandelion

For the last few days, Dandelion has been waving to me, coming into my space and almost pushing up against my energy field – what are you doing Dandelion? You should be asleep right now.



Not asleep, gathering and storing vital energy from the Earth.
The field is ablaze with yellow
Dandelion is nurturing and protective
Like the sun
Forceful and energetic
Dandelion moves toward me
And fits perfectly along my spine
The flower head resting on my Crown
Bringing strength and nourishment
Each Fall, spreading the word of
Endurance, flexibility and resilience
Ancient teacher

Ah, thank you Dandelion – full of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, the B vitamins, thiamine and riboflavin. One of the best greens for nutritional value, extremely high in Vitamin A and an excellent source of fiber.