Aura Power

The feeling of sublime awesomeness is Aura Power.  That feeling of safety, comfort & confidence in knowing you are a multi-layered, bright luminous egg governing your own life.  That feeling comes when all subtle bodies are in harmony, the chakras balanced and the outer layer of your auric field is strong and contained.  Aura is without a doubt, one of our strongest and most powerful energetics addressing the strength of the auric field.  A strong Aura keeps harmful energies at bay, heals traumatic holes in the field and allows for full manifestations.

How a strong auric field affects our everyday life:

  • Allows for full manifestation
  • Keeps harmful energies at bay
  • Keeps the heart & mind in harmonious thought patterning
  • Allows the transfer of healing energy more effectively
  • Balances emotionality with self and others
  • Maintains a quiet and focused mental state
  • Maintains a well-charged physical body and life force energy
  • Allows for a vibrant spiritual life; one thirsty for knowledge

This potent remedy is a salve meaning that the application process itself is steeped in powerful intention.  Applying a small amount on the bottoms of the feet, back of neck, wrists and third eye will start the process of auric healing.

How will it work?:

  • Creates balance in our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual & life force energies
  • Repairs tears/holes in our energy field
  • Enlightens the flow of energy into the chakra system
  • Clears harmful energies from the field
  • Creates a powerful mirror of self reflection
  • Allows for manifestation

“Thus, tensions in the body are seen to reflect tensions in the consciousness, and the chakras can be used as a vehicle to understand the Body Mind Interface and its implications for healing” The Body Mirror System, The Brofman Foundation


Chicory – (Cichorium intybus)
Sage – (Salvia officinalis)
Sea Salt – (Sodium chloride)
Rue – (Ruta graveolens)
Red Clover – (Trifolium pratense)
Rosemary – (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Roses – (Rosa)
Cedar – (Thuja plicata)
Essential oil of Pine – (Pinus)




Price: $32.99
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