Ceremonial Smoke Blend
Ceremonial Smoke Blend

Ceremonial Smoke Blend, 25g

A ceremonial smoke blend designed to use in ceremony and rituals.  Add it to a smudge bowl, a pipe, or tobacco paper and feel how the energies of these herbs work together to connect mind, body, spirit.   Whether relaxing, detoxing from tobacco or going out on ceremony, this blend will quiet the mind, still the body and centre the spirit.

A healing path is not complete without sitting silently, breathing deeply and letting the energies of ‘now’ settle in.  Lighting ceremonial smoke in a pipe or smudge bowl is one way to clear the space and connect/align your energies with Spirit. 


Contains:  Red raspberry leaf, mullein leaf, uva ursi, lobelia, coltsfoot, marshmallow leaf, mugwort






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