Plant Medicine Shop and Plant Spirit Medicine

The plant world is forever giving of its medicines and that’s why our focus has been on providing alternative care for those wishing to explore health from natural sources.  The path to health can be overwhelming with all the myriad treatment options available today.  That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on Plant Spirit Medicine that transform all of our energy bodies, not just the all-encompassing physical body.


Janis/SilverOwl Janis/SilverOwl, the person behind The Plant Medicine Shop, has been active in Herbal Medicine for over 16 years.   Her journey started with Amazon Rainforest Herbs.  The absolute abundance of ancient knowledge hidden in these plants led her to the Amazon Herb Company.    This company was integral and forward-thinking in relation to the indigenous people and she soon set up shop to start selling their product lines.  It became clear that her relationship to the plants/herbs would become a little more personal and working at The Herbal Clinic in Toronto gave her the opportunity to learn about the myriad ways of making herbal medicine.  SilverOwl, the medicine name given to Janis, reflects her unique gifts and talents brought into this lifetime. She is the wise concocter of remedies for the Soul’s journey.  SilverOwl is an avid consumer of all things relating to Plant Spirit Medicine and is continually searching out new paths to health and wellness. Her current knowledge base is from Dominion Herbal College, The Institute of Shamanic Medicine and The Science and Art of Herbal Medicine by Rosemary Gladstar. As long as the plants share their knowledge, she will be studying forever.

All the remedies from The Plant Medicine Shop have been formulated using current and ancient knowledge and energized with cyrstals.  The loving energies of the universe have been used to enhance the magical qualites of the plants and hence the magical qualities of the product.  The results are powerful for all our energy bodies. Your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & sexual energies will love the products from The Plant Medicine Shop.

Sometimes a product developed for one sphere (physical body) inspires the development of products for the other.  For example, when Serenity Salve was formulated for anxiety and stress, and knowing that stress is not only held in our physical bodies but our entire auric field, we formulated a remedy to help release this. From there we went on to develop an entire range of salves that form the Chakra Awakening & Balance Kit. The possibilities are endless and that’s why we’re so excited and passionate about what we do.

What you get:

A constant array of highly charged energetic medicines to balance and align your etheric body.  Integrity based, these remedies come from plant wisdom and are presented when needed.  Remedies that will expand your spiritual and life force energies and transform your life.

What we get:

Confirmation of the value of the remedies and constant feedback from purchasers/individuals who have tales to share regarding their own spiritual journeying.  You spur us on!!

Memberships:- American Botanical Council, BC Herbalists Association, Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society