Product Designs for Plant Medicine Shop

All of the products at The Plant Medicine Shop are designed using current and ancient knowledge of plant medicine.  All are made from natural, mostly organic ingredients and the herbs used work together — each one for the specific purpose. The production process can be lengthy and is done with the utmost integrity using Sacred Plant Medicine.

Energetic Medicine at The Plant Medicine Shop was developed to aid in the awakening/quickening of the human condition.   Each formulation addresses the challenges we face while on the spiritual healing path. The initial thought is that with an open heart, clear mind and strong body, the individual healing process is brought into focus. We are unique and so each of us will be attracted to the remedies that we need. The application process for the salves can be quite intuitive but register points on the body that have been found to be effective are:-wrists, third eye area, back of neck, heart, inside elbow, temples. When the remedies are used, there is an instant connection with our selves which allows the thread of healing to strengthen our entire auric field.

Transition Series:- is a set of remedies to Awaken and Balance the Chakra system and energy bodies.  The Chakra Kit will not only balance the chakras but also increase life force energy one step at a time.  Starting at #1 Living Fully and continuing on until #10 Union, energy vibration is increased so that the energy needed to align and balance each chakra is present.  In addition, remedies to keep energy vibration at a high level, Female & Male Energy Balance are part of this balancing series.

Power Series:- is a set of remedies to strengthen our heart, mind and physical body space and to give power and authority to the individuals that we are.  Personal Power Remedies are unique and aligned with universal energies to give power to your intents, focus and manifestations.  Truly powerful healing paradigm for those willing to take the time for their own healing process.  In addition, the Heart, Mind & Body Power remedies will open and balance the emotional body, focus the mind and ground the physical.

Pathfinder:- is a set of remedies designed to assist our Life Path when we feel lost!  Life can be challenging but with remedies such as Esteem (increase sense of self-worth) and Lost Love (mend a broken heart), the path will again present itself.   Our designs keep coming for this series and so we’ve recently added Authenticity, Abundance & DreamSafe.

Ceremony:- can be used whenever meditation or ceremony (short/long, easy/involved) is needed.  These remedies will help to clear & cleanse the space and put the ceremonialist into a quiet, relaxed state.  Ceremonial accessories such as smoke & blessed water are also available.

Mystical:- a set of specially designed remedies that reach the utmost potential for earthly & spiritual power.  Our newest series will be added to whenever a remedy presents itself that would be useful to the collective.